New 23L Fluval Edge tank for shrimps only

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New 23L Fluval Edge tank for shrimps only

Post  sprae on Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:05 am

After a week of cycling (with seeding from friends) and active water monitoring, I've started to add more shrimps into the tank. The first colony are red cherry shrimps (12-15 mature, young and pregs). They seem to be thriving after a few days. In a couple of weeks, if all goes well, I'd introduce a smaller colony of crystal red shrimps as well.

Still awaiting the delivery for the pre-filter sponge, as this will keep the hatchlings from being sucked into the filter and also increase the bio process. Currently ammonia, nitrates, nitrites levels are all zero.

Here's some photos I just took...

I would appreciate any advice going forward as I'm only just come back into the tropical aquariums since I was a kid. For example, how much shrimps are too much for such a tank? I was planning to keep it under 30 shrimps.

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