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New Fluval edge setup Empty New Fluval edge setup

Post  trumpeteom on Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:06 am

just wondering if anyone has come across a few of the thing We're having with our new 23l edge.

Set it up about 4 weeks ago now rinsed everything well before setting it up, filled it with water treated with the aquasafe, it has 4 small plants in the marble effect planter hagen sell specifically for the edge and the edeg heater, treated it with the starter as per the instructions but also added about 3 litres of water from a long established 60 litre tropical tank, also transfered a piece of bog wood from the bigger tank which I've had for about 5 years, after 2 weeks I moved 2 zebra danios from the biger tank, these appear fine and have been for the 2 weeks they've been in the tank.
The problems I have are 1st there seems to be some sort of fine white hair like algea or fungus growing on the bog wood and on the plant holder, 2nd as the water flows off the filter it pulls small air bubbles into the tank which then rise and form a foam on the water surface and under the glass top, finally the water level seems to drop faster than i would have expected, in 4 weeks I have had to top it up about 3 times.
Just waiting for my gravel vac to arrive so I can do a 50% water change and hopefully get reid of some of the white gunk.

thanks in advance

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