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Post  Tish on Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:56 am


I wanted to introduce myself, hello everyone Very Happy

After doing some research (using this great forum as one of my sources!) I decided to order myself a 46l edge today in gloss white from Seapets. I also ordered the pre-filter sponge and the fluval digital thermometer, I'm really excited for it all to arrive. This will replace my current 25l, which is planted with java fern.

I plan to use a sand/fine gravel mix substrate from Pets at Home and plant with Java fern and cryptocoryne +/- anubias. I will then do a fishless cycle before adding my fish. I currently have 2 peppered corydoras, 5 white clouds and a mystery Pleco which I took on from a friend (he is currently about 3-4cm long, he has a dark green/brown colouration with a white tummy). I will post a topic in the fish on the edge section to discuss my stocking quadrys!

It's been great reading about everyones tanks and seeing pictures Smile

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