Terribly indecisive - which fish?

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Terribly indecisive - which fish? Empty Terribly indecisive - which fish?

Post  Tish on Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:36 pm


To those of you who haven't seen my 'introducing myself' thread, hello! I have recently bought myself a 46l edge to replace my current 25l tank and due to my terrible indecisiveness I can't decide what to stock it with! I currently have 2 peppered corydoras, 5 white clouds and a mystery pleco (about 3-4cm long). The 2 peppered corydoras and the mystery pleco will definitely be moving into the new tank, I haven't decided about the white clouds yet, I'm selling the old tank to a complete novice and may sell the white clouds to her too as they are so easy to keep. I've been having a think about which fish I would like to stock the tank with, but can't decide what combination to have. Ideally I'd like 1 or 2 larger fish (like the balloon mollies or betta) and the rest small. So, I've listed below some of the fish I'd like, and would really appreciate it if anybody wants to suggest some good combos to help quell my indecisiveness:

2 peppered corydoras, 1 mystery pleco +

Assassin snail (I definitely want one of these, my current number of snails is really irritating me)
2-3 shrimp
Another 1 or 2 peppered corydoras or 1 or 2 albino corydoras
5-7 guppys
1 Paradise fish
1 Betta
5-8 white clouds
5-7 zebra danios (is the tank too small for these?)
2 balloon mollies (is it too small for these also?)

Obviously I'm aware that I can't have all of these fish together! If anyone has any other ideas for suitable fish to use in a combo that would also be appreciated.

Thanks Very Happy

ETA. I've decided I'd quite like celestial pearl danios as well, maybe 5-6. I'm supposed to be narrowing my fish choices down, not adding more!

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Terribly indecisive - which fish? Empty Fish Compatibility

Post  sailor7x on Tue May 01, 2012 9:38 pm

One way to figure out an aquarium stocking plan would be to go with 6 "Schooling" fish such as Danios or white clouds and then a "Centerpiece" fish such as a Gourami, Betta or 3 Guppys which will likely never hide and always be in the front window.

Then decide on a "cleaning crew" of shrimp. With a heater Red Cherry Shrimp are great, without a heater Ghost Shrimp do a good job. An algae eating snail is also a good idea. Remember - Bettas ripped the head off a shrimp I put in before the little guy even got to the bottom.

Make sure the Assassin Snail wont reproduce to the point of being out of control

Will you be getting a heater? This will be necessary for most fish but not guppies, white cloud minnows or ghost shrimp

The Betta fish is beautiful but will eat your shrimp! And shrimp are great to watch and keep the tank clean which makes it easy to maintain water quality. A huge plus!

The cory should be kept in at least an 80L tank

Guppies are awesome as you can pick out individuals and they are fun because they can easily be observed for personalities and it's easy to keep track of their health.

Don't be afraid to keep expanding your fish options. Once you've narrowed them and made your choices

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