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Just saying hello. Empty Just saying hello.

Post  jimw on Sun May 20, 2012 7:32 am

Just thought I would say hello, and introduce myself.
My name is Jim, and I have just purchased a fluval edge 23L.
Totally new to these tanks, but not new to fishkeeping.
I used to keep African cichlids, but health problems led to me giving up on them. So after a gap of a year or so, after seeing the edge, decided that I quite fancied one alongside my computer.
Took the plunge and bought one yesterday. It is the halogen model, but I intend changing the bulbs to the LED's.
I have set it up and stocked straight away using tetra safestart (which I have used before to start a fully stocked malawi tank, with no problems. It is a great product if used correctly).
I have stocked the tank with 11 tetras, (4 rummy nose, 4 silver tip, and 3 neon). I will be doing 10-20 percent water changes every 2nd day, so there will be no worries about water quality.
Substrate is aquagravel black and white. I have added 5 white cobbles and 3 plants for the moment.
Here is a pic taken today.
Just saying hello. P1000880
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