New Edge build with canister filter

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New Edge build with canister filter

Post  Lugaidh on Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:11 pm


I am new the fluval edge. I am coming from an 80 gallon tank so i am used to having a canister filter. When i first saw the edge i fell in love with the minimalist design. I just recently bought a new older edge because i like the burnt orange. I dont like the small filter so i am going with an Eheim 2211 canister filter. With the filter i am using glass lilly pipes to keep the tank clean looking. I am still building it and waiting for the filter in the mail.

I cant seem to post photos because i am on my ipad, but photos will follow. I am also changing the halogens out for the new 46l led bar.

If anyone has photos of any mods like this please post them it would really help me with ideas.


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Re: New Edge build with canister filter

Post  jwebbe on Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:15 pm

I have the Fluval edge 6.6 and about 5 months ago, switched from the stock filter to a canister.
I ended up with the Zoo med Nano 501 .  It seems pretty efficient and is rated at 80 gph.

So far I love it.  Plus it was only $35.00 and it houses ALL of the media that was in the original fluval filter plus and additional sponge. Very Happy 

I think the canister is the way to go.  I absolutely hated the fluval stock filter ( didn't self-prime ) and whenever the power was cut off, the filter lost its suction and wouldn't prime so I have to end up dumping water in the reservoir.  What a pain!  A few times the filter had done that ( lost suction ) in the middle of the night and I could hear the motor whining - by the time I got downstairs to check it, the thing was smoking hot! Evil or Very Mad


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