Flufal Edge 12 gal (46 l) new setup

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Flufal Edge 12 gal (46 l) new setup

Post  ACS on Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:24 pm

10.19.2013 Set up my Edge on 10/12 and going strong with a fishless cycle for a week! I fully respect and advocate the fishless cycling, plus the beginner's links given in this forum: http://fluvaledge.forumotion.com/t140-fishless-cycle-idiots-guide have been invaluable.  It's been my go-to instructions.

Here's what I have in it so far:
Substrate - Moderately rinsed CaribSea FloraMax Planted Aquarium Substrate (the red kind) pretty thick - 1.5" (3.8 cm) - 2" (5 cm) at the front, 3"+ (7.6 cm) at back.  Topped that off with 1 cm of well-rinsed natural pea gravel.
Slate I found and scrubbed well
Cyprus helferi
Java fern (Microsorium pteropus)
Pogostemon helferi
Fulval Edge 25w heater

At the get-go, I modified the filter impeller with the AquaClear AC634 per this thread: http://fluvaledge.forumotion.com/t104-100gph-to-200gph-by-inexpensive-mod
The flow is fantastic, I have no noise after properly fitting the intake tube into the fittings.  TONS of flow, makes a lot of bubbles at the top of the tank but I'm really trying to keep a lot of oxygenation during the cycling.  If I reduce the intake, there are virtually no bubbles.  I also removed the carbon filter and replaced it with a home-made crushed coral filter (my pH params are pretty high for fish I'm considering).

The heater as it is does a good job at keeping the temperature from 75F to 78F (23.8C - 25.5C).  It's in an interior space (my dining room, actually!), and doesn't get many external temp variations or much natural sunlight.

The cyprus and java are doing OK and the pogostemon is doing quite well; new roots everywhere.  Can't wait to see these tissue-cultured tiny things grow into their beautiful adulthood.bounce 

The cycle is going as expected but I had to adjust the input of ammonia by guesses.  I live in the US and the household ammonia I bought didn't advertise the concentration on the label.  I've found it to be around 7.5% and increased what I add to the tank daly.  That really got the cycle going and I'm now starting to get nitrites!

The light seems adequate for the plants I have - they're responding.

Can't wait to get the fish in here but have some thinking to do.

Here are some pics:

More updates to come!

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