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First tank - limited height  Empty First tank - limited height

Post  Spenno on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:11 am

Hey there. My first post in this place Smile
I've always wanted a fish tank since being a kid and after seeing the Fluval range in a few shops it's rekindled my interest. I'm more than happy to start with something small and see how I get on. Ideally I'd like it in my kitchen where I seem to spend an increasing amount of time! There is plenty of work surface that would house a small tank very nicely, but there are cupboards on all sides that leave me with a gap of 46cm from the surface to play with Sad
Chi (19l) = total height 36.5cm; Edge (23l) = total height 36.5cm; Spec (19l) = total height 29.5cm
I do like the Chi but the running water will add to the height. The Spec is the lowest but my least favourite in terms of design. The Edge seems a great design and being bigger would give a few more options for stock. So I have roughly 10cm clearance with the Chi or Edge. Is that going to be a pain when trying to sort out the filter etc (access already looks fiddly with the Edge's small hole in the top). Could I just pull the tank out a foot or so when I need to do something or is it too disruptive? Is even the Spec (just over 15cm clearance) going to be a nightmare? Should I forget this idea?!
Lots of questions, sorry.


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