My Edge as a salt environment

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My Edge as a salt environment Empty My Edge as a salt environment

Post  MochaCaliGirl on Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:38 am

I love the look of the Edge. I have never had a tank before and figured that it couldn't be that difficult so I began hanging out at one of the large speciality stores. I discovered that it is really easy to be lured into a large tank with all of the colorful fish etc. I had my heart set on something small with clean lines so it is all about the nano tanks for me. I brought everything home and watched the tank cycle for 4....yep count em...4 long weeks. I learned a lot tough. When I was finally given the all clear that my water and rock was stable I added a small cleaner team that was soon overwhelmed by all of the algae. So I added a Turbo snail and two shrimp and that did the trick. The Hermit crabs love the company and my tank loves the cleanliness. About a week ago I added a Domino Damsel who is running around enjoying being the only fish in all of that water. This weekend I am off to a frag meet to pick up a lovely piece of coral...not sure what add to the system. Once it is settled I will take a few pics to add to the forum.

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