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New EDGER, hello Empty New EDGER, hello

Post  Max on Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:25 am

Hello Everyone!

I have had my Edge running for 4 days now. I like it so far. I am however having some major noise problems from the filter in the impeller area. It sounds like a little diesel engine. But I've posted about that already on a thread from Malcolm. Hopefully it will work itself out,

I have some 6700k, 150 lumen LED lights in place of the stock lamps. But I am not running the lights yet, until my plants are delivered this coming week. I'm getting a bunch of moss, some fissidens, mini pelia, marsilea hirsuta and a couple other low light plants. I have a thin layer of plant substrate on the bottom and a thicker layer of fine, natural gravel on top. It looks nice so far when I switch the lights on. Just have 2 Marimos in it for now. The initial cloudiness is already past, and the water is nice and clear.

I just need to get the filter to quiet down, and then I will be a happy camper.

I'm not going to get any fauna for a while, but planning to probably have some shrimp, and maybe a couple oto cats and/or a few minnows or other fish that can be ok with slightly cooler water. I'm going to try and not run a heater. We'll see. I want to make sure the filter and substrate are "mature" before I introduce any creatures.

Any tips about the filter noise would be appreciated.


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