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Post  Les Hudson on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:23 am

Hello my name is Les Hudson and I'm an Engineer. I design mostly speakers and amplifiers. I needed a new project so I began to study lighting. I purchased a Fluval Edge for this project just to research lighting. My friend recently set up a 29 gal. saltwater nano reef and he was researching lighting as well. After a few weeks of research we both decided that it was a toss up between Metal Halide or Led. I thought that it would be best if he were to try Led and I would try Metal Halide and we would compare notes. I decided to try and use a HID kit for auto headlights. It use 35 watt Metal Halide with Xenon gas added to allow it to come on quicker. It has an UV filter to keep it from eating up the plastic lenses used in most cars today. The cost on an HID lighting kit is about $50 and it comes with 2 bulbs and 2 ballast. I only need one bulb and ballast for the Fluval Edge so I have a spare bulb and ballast. I'm using a 12K Hid kit which should work for a nano reef. I removed the stock halogen lights , the switch , and shaved a little off the bottom of the swing arm. I cut a piece of aluminum to use as a heat shield and reflector. I mounted the bulb and a fan to cool it. I also drilled a hole and mounted an ultra-violet led for moon light. To power the HID kit I used a PC power supply which gives a regulated 12v 15amps. I have a timer to control the HID and the UV LED is always on. I will post results later. Les HudsonHID lighting Gi.mpl?u=33876&f=100_1562

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HID lighting Empty HID Light

Post  diane21 on Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:06 am

I am looking for a conversion kit to put hid bulbs into the fog lights, and also trying to find green hids, I've seen people with them driving around but i am not sure if its just 3000k (yellow) with a blue film over the lense, or if its just the bulbs color output .
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