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Long term Edge keeper... Empty Long term Edge keeper...

Post  jennybugs on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:50 am

Hi peeps!

I am Jenny and I have been keeping a marine Edge ever since they first came out as I felt it would be perfect for one with a little tweaking here and there I love you
I have been running it in various forms now for two years to the very month. I have gone through mixed emotions with it - love, hate, anger, joy but I am glad I have persevered with the marine nano ideas as it's gone through a few guises in my quest of r a perfect nano tank. I wanted it to be a sexy shrimptopia and I managed that with a grand total of 1 shrimp before disaster struck but I'll save the details for a diary.
I am glad I have found this place as I was searching google for Edge lighting mods.
Looking forward to seeing all your tanks in detail flower

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