Aquarium newbie, with Edge up and running

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Aquarium newbie, with Edge up and running Empty Aquarium newbie, with Edge up and running

Post  rickO2 on Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:22 am

Got my Edge at the beginning of June, and then cycled it for a week or so adding beneficial bacteria. Then checked the water with a test strip; all looked OK. Have now added, in steps, 5x Galaxy Rasboros, 4x Neon Tetra and 3x Cherry Shrimp...all seem fine and content. Test strip shows the water is still OK.

One of the shrimp seems to have disappeared, but I'm told they are very good at hiding. One of the Rasboro died by lodging itself between the black hood and the raised edge of the tank.

The Tetra like swimming at the front of the tank, whereas the Rasbora tend to stay in the shadows a bit more than the Tetra but do 'come out to play' a reasonable amount of times, and even do 'pretend' shoaling with the Tetras. The shrimps get very little hassle from the fish.

I originally had 3x Zebra Danios in the tank but they do whizz about and really need a larger tank. They also pick on the smaller fish, and hog feeding time. So I took them back.

The tank looks great, with a number of artifical plants, stones and a couple of discrete ornanments. The lights do a good job of highlighting the central area of the tank.

The Fluval heater has been replaced with a JBL ProTemps25 since it found it difficult to regulate the water temp when the halogen lights were on.

The pump can be noisy, but at other times reasonably quiet; I think if all the air is cleared out of the filter intake and the pipe is pushed fully down onto the pump housing that seems to help (sometimes).

I've fitted a 13A timer to the lights so that they are on between 1pm and 8pm. It would be nice to find a way of slowly switching the lights on and off (over 60 secs, say) but there doesn't seem to be anything available.

I'm currently doing a 20% water change per week.



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