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Bought the Fluval Edge Empty Bought the Fluval Edge

Post  zenizen on Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:32 pm

Hello All,

Yesterday I bought the fluval edge and I am currently busy with the setup.
However I want to keep 1 turtle and that's it.
You guys think its possible? Or would fish/shrimps etc. be better



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Bought the Fluval Edge Empty Re: Bought the Fluval Edge

Post  rickO2 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:27 am

Hi Zenizen,

I got my first aquarium (an Edge) at the beginning of June so I'm a newbie so please double check everything I say.

I Googled 'turtle fluval edge' and can see (eg that putting a turtle in an Edge is a bad idea for many reasons eg turtles get big, there is little air breathing space, turtles like a shelf.

You'd be better off with some very small fish and some shrimp (to tackle algae). I've got 5x Celestial Pearl Danios, 4x Neon Tetra and 3x Cherry Shrimp. They all seem fine, for now. I've added some plastic and silk plants, and some ornaments with cavities for the shrimp to chill out in.

The CPDs are tiny but that's the price we pay for buying the Edge. I've got my Edge next to my armchair, so although the fish are tiny they seem as big as if the tank was on the other side of the room filled with bigger fish.

The Tetras are colourful but a bit quiet. With hindsight I may have got 6 or 7 CPDs and foregone the Tetras.



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