New to the edge, looking for some advice

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New to the edge, looking for some advice

Post  ajoseph86 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:47 pm

I just got an Edge (my first aquarium) this July. I cycled the tank with some Platies, which I returned to the store because of their size. Since then I have slowly stocked the tank to contain:

6x Celestial Pearl Danios
3x Sparkling Gouramis
4x Pygmy Cory Cats
1x Otocinclus Cat fish

I am very happy with the fish population, albeit, a little nervous I may have been too bold in my stocking. I do perform 1-2 20% water changes each week and follow the water conditions closely. I also just got my first small burst of algae (hence the addition of the Oto), which now mostly under control. I have been thinking about starting to add some plants, but don't know where to begin. I would like to upgrade to LED lights as well. I would like some advice or assistance on:

1) does my current stocking scheme seem reasonable?
2) Does any one know where/if I can get the new Fluval LED replacement lights in the US?
3) Any suggestions on where to begin with planting? I have looked at Java Fern, Amazon Sword, dwarf chain sword, and anubias and more wondering what would be most successful, if I can get it.

Thank you for your help and input!


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Re: New to the edge, looking for some advice

Post  rickO2 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:38 am

Hi and welcome,

You've got about 16" in total fish length listed, which might be a little bit too much for the Edge. I've tried to stick at around 12" with a 15% water change/week and my fish seem to be doing OK (ie 6x CPD, 4x Neon Tetra, 5x Cherry Shrimp). This website does the calcs for you ...

I got the new LEDs from Pets@Home in the UK, but that's not much help to you if you live in the States. If nothing else it shows they are now on sale. The light they produce does seem to have a wider spread and is a bit brighter than the old halogen ones. They also run a LOT cooler and the power supply no longer gets hot. If they have a drawback (apart from the £25 price!) it's that they cast a blue light rather than the pleasant red/brown of the halogens...but you can't have everything ;-)

I've planted my edge up with Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Christmas Moss and Moss Balls. None of these require a substrate; you just attach the root (with a bit of thread or tie wrap) to something like a pebble, or a piece of slate or a bit of wood, say. They get their nutrients from the water.

Best regards,


PS: The CPDs are great little fish; not only do they have fantastic colouring but they do like to wander about the tank checking things out. The only thing I find difficult about them is I've taken to grinding up flake in my palm and them dropping it in when the filter pump is switched off...that gives them small mouthfuls and also time to check out the menu as it slowly drifts down to the bottom. The tetras, on the other hand, don't hang about when it comes to feeding time.


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