new tank so will these fish be OK

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new tank so will these fish be OK Empty new tank so will these fish be OK

Post  tenerc on Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:03 pm

HI, i`ve got an edge, had it running for a week before i put in fish, had the water checked and all was ok, so put in 2 male guppy, this week will be a week since they have been in, so thinking of getting another guppy, (after water check) but also thinking of putting in some neon (group of 6) in another week

so will the tank be ok when finished with..

3 guppy (MAYBE 4)
6 neon
1-2 shrimp

also in the tank is a mix of real & fake plants and 4 moss balls, and heater (not edge but marina25)

i did have a look on other sites for fish stock, but noticed they attack you for having an edge and not a 60gal tank

so any advise helpful.



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new tank so will these fish be OK Empty Re: new tank so will these fish be OK

Post  rickO2 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:16 am

Hi tenerc,

I don't want to scare you but you are very probably headed towards losing your fish since the tank will not have matured yet ie it hadn't been 'cycled' before adding the fish. By that I mean the waste products the fish produce have to go somewhere; if the tank's bacteria (that break down the waste products) has not had time to build up (weeks rather than days) then the fish end up swimming about in a effluent container...not good.

Here's a thorough explanation .... Here's the same advice in a shorter form .... ...and here....

You might want to return the fish back to the fish shop.

Sorry to sound gloomy, but from my short experience in the hobby it really is best to measure steps in weeks rather than days. If you need more info please get back to me (us).




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